La Musa Latina

Located in the heart of Madrid, it have all the ingredients you are looking for: delicious food, good prices, friendly service and cozy terrace. And if with all this you already want to know it, imagine that in this same place, when you go downstairs, you find a door that takes you to another place, a place where Lola Simone makes magic and the gourmet experience joins the senses. Are you ready to find out?


Go underground in a dreamlike place where good music and gastronomy merge creating a performance directed by the master of ceremonies Lola Simone and her guests cast, where you can enjoy exclusive cocktails, the coolest clubs style in Europe.


If we transform gourmet dishes on tapas and portions? This is how our menu was born in 1996 at La Musa Malasaña’s kitchen, the older sister of La Musa Latina. A shameless gastronomic concept which from the first day the ”Potato Bomb” and ”Fried Green Tomatoes” has become witnesses of countless moments between friends, first dates and meetings full of good vibes and good beer.

Cómo llegar

Costanilla de San Andrés, 12
28005 Madrid
Tel. 91 354 02 55