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Ready for health.
Steady for earth.
Go eat.

Somos Clean Eaters. Corremos en búsqueda del alimento óptimo, disfrutamos del deporte, comiendo sano y cuidando nuestro entorno.



El chef Taut Repsys ha sprintado para conseguir platos inspirados en el concepto Clean Eating, con cocciones a baja temperatura y elaboraciones en crudo para conservar las propiedades de los alimentos.

Andrea Cañas, nuestra nutricionista de fondo, nos ha ayudado a encontrar el equilibrio perfecto en cada plato.


Clean Eaters.
In keeping with our philosophy, our food come from organic farming season or proximity.


Whole wheat, corn and raisins, multicereal
Ricotta pistachios, blueberries, thyme and agave syrup. 3,5€
Avocado red onion,pumpkin seeds and chilly powder. 4€
Diced tomatoes with basil and olive oil . 3,5€
Sous vide turkey roasted tomatoes. 4€
Organic butter and jam. 3,5€


Whole wheat cinamon roll . 2,2€
Banana Bread walnuts, and tahini cream . 2,2€
Zuchini and pistachio Loaf 2,2€
Vegan Blueberry Muffin of apple and cinnamon. 2,5€
Protein cookie oatmeal and dates. 1,8€
Energy Bar whith cereals and dates. 1,8€


Quinoa Overnight buckwheat flakes, chia, almond milk, fruit and homemade granola. 6,8€
Overnight Oats with blueberries, banana and almonds . 4,5€
Fruit bowl melon, pineapple, apple, orange, strawberies, kiwi . 4,5€
Yogurt with home made granola strawberries and agave syrup. 4,5€


Frittata of alhumen, pmpkin, kale with spinach an tomato salad egg white fritata with squash, courgette, kale and sun dried tomatoes. 5,0€
Iron man scrambled eggs, degreased bacon, sweet potatoes and fresh spinach . 6,5€
Shakshuka baked eggs, tomatoes, roasted peppers, feta cheese . 5,5€


Labneh cheese with season vegetables grilled, herbs and crunchy nuts. 6,8€
Hummus with rosted pepprs, cherry tomatoes and almonds. 6,5€
Seasonal Vegan patés with toasted bread. 6€


Vegetable ceam with crunchy nuts. 4€
Minestrone with rice and parmesano. 4€


Winter Bowl grilled pumpkin, black lentils, egg, tomatoes, onion, rúcula, spinach, peppermint, carrot and citrus dressing. 9€
Budha Salad lettuce, buckwheat, sweet potato, zucchini, cherry tomato, kimchi, green apple, salted granola and tzatiki sauce. 8€
Falafel Bowl millet, beet spirals, carrot, red endive, green pepper, pumkin seeds and eneld. 9,5€
Superfood brocoli, green beans and quinoa salad, avocado, granate seeds, spiced chickpeas, walnuts hempseeds and light mustard vinagrete. 9€


VEGGIE BURGUER based on carrots, beets, whole grains and tofu with brioche bread, pickled gherkins, lettuce, tomato and yogurt with chili. 9€
VEGETABLE ''COCA'' cherry tomatoes, broccoli, roasted leeks, carrots, fresh herbs an parmesan. 7,5€
SAN FRANCISCO wholewheat bread, roasted organic frm chicken, ricotta, spinach, tomato. 9€
BOSTON Spinach tortilla, spinach humus, kale salad, cucumber, carrots, and avocado slices. 7,5€
MADRID Multicereal loaf, romescu, sous vide grass fed beef, roasted veg and rocket salad . 9€


Tartar de Bonito fresh bonito, brown rice, ginger, lime and soy souce, cucumber and tomatoes salad. 12€
Tartar de bonito with ginger, lime and sesame, cucumber, tomato and rice salad. 12€
Organic farm chicken breast with butternut squash puré, tomatoe chutney and quinoa salad. 15€
Local Grass fed beef roasted aubergine, confit onions, asparagus and buckweat salad. 15€
Poke de bonito from Cantabria, herb melon, avocado, lime lombard, zuccini, wasabi cashews. 12€
Vegan Poke Brown rice, seaweed, marinated organic tofu, avocado, ginger, carrot, cucumber and peanut souce. 9€


Raw chocolate and cashew tart 6€
Carrot cake glutten free 5,5€
Vegan apple crumble 5€
Vegan lemon pie with aguafaba merengue 5,5€


Somos Clean Eaters.
Siguiendo nuestra filosofía, los alimentos de nuestra carta proceden de agricultura ecológica de temporada o proximidad.


Made with fresh apple juice
Berry appy strawberry, mango and blueberries. 5,5€
Yellow supernova mango, pineapple, banana and passion fruit. 5,5€
Green strenght spinach, banana, pineapple and lemon. 5,5€
Extra vegan protein 1,5€ 30g

Fresh pressed JUICE

Dr. Green green apple, kale, celery, lemon, cucumber, ginger, spinach. 4,5€
Morning sunshine pineapple, pear, carrot, apple and a touch of turmeric. 4,5€
Spicy Beets beets, carrot, lemon, apple, ginger and chili. 4,5€
Strawberry fields Strawberry, greenapple and mint. 5€
Orange from València. 4€


Home made Lemonade with agave syrup and mint . 3€
Iced green tea with mint and raspberries . 3€
Water Kefir with apple, ginger and cinamon . 3€
Kombucha Soul K of ginger and turmeric. 4,5€

KM0 Filtered Water still or sparkling

Bottle 1 l. 1,5€
Bottle 1 l. sparkling . 1,75€

Organic COFFEE

Espresso 1,5€
White 1,7€
Cappuccino 2€
Flat White 2,3€
Café Latte de naranja y almendra. 2,5€
Cold Brew 2,5€
Cold Brew with orange and almond. 3€
Machta Latte 3,5€


Bio Organic
Earl Grey 2,5€
Green Kukicha 2,8€
Rooibos 2,4€
Masala Chai 2,6€
Chamomile and fennel 2,6€


from Madrid
Draft Beers
El Águila sin filtrar 3€ 0.34cl
Amstel Radler with lemon juice. 3€ 0.34cl
Cibeles 3,6€ 0.34cl
Bottled Beers
Cruzcampo sin gluten. 3€
Heineken 0,0% alcohol. 3€
Bastarda Craft Lager 4€
Bastarda Craft IPA 4€


made from local Craft alcohol
Bunny Mary vodka, carrot juice, lemon and tabasco. 8,5€
Strawberry Daiquiri white rum, maple syrup, lime local craft rum . 9€
Pear Julep smoked whiskey , pear juice, rosemary and lemon juice . 9€
Red Cosmo vodka, granate juice, grapefruit. 8,5€


Viña Bosquera D.O. Madrid. 2,6 / 16,5€
Verderrubi Verdejo D.O. Rioja.. 3,00 / 19€
Petit Forlong V.T. Cádiz. 23€


Finca Fabián D.O. Castilla.. 2,6 / 16,5€
3015 D.O. Jumilla. 2,9 / 18€
Petit Forlong V.T. Cádiz. 23€
Organic wine lemon juice, orange juice and panela. 4€


¡Vive más y mejor! Estamos aprendiendo a cuidarnos y Sonia Bejarano es una de nuestras maestras.

Entrenadora nacional de atletismo y atleta internacional RFEA, puede ayudarte, trazando objetivos con un plan personalizado a tus necesidades y capacidad.

¡Dale vueltas al canal con nosotros!


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